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Artplanet - online art gallery. Discover the ideas behind our platform.


We don't have time to think about it, but in fact, a real revolution is taking place before our very eyes. The Internet has liberalized access to knowledge, entertainment, music, and art. It has changed and facilitated transport (Lyft, Uber), the search for accommodation (Airbnb), education (Coursera), social relations (Facebook, Instagram) and even eating habits and shopping (Doordash, Instacart).


The Artplanet platform is part of this trend, which is the digital art gallery of its kind to be linked to a shopping platform and a social network, giving the opportunity to make contact with artists, view their profiles and (coming soon) follow their profiles. As a company, we are a technological startup whose mission is to provide space to discover, interact with art and artists and purchase original, digital works of artists from around the world, printed in high quality on metal posters. Everything is possible thanks to technology that opens up new, almost unlimited possibilities for us all.


This technological revolution we are experiencing is governed by its laws, described in an interesting way by the entrepreneur and visionary Peter Diamandis. In his opinion, the extraordinary potential of technology has its sources primarily in:


Digitalization - the change from text, sound and image to digital information. A number of zeros and ones allow to save and read graphic files, which allows Artplanet to give every user the Internet access to the online art gallery, where it is possible to view and publish artwork. It is also beneficial for the artist, who is able to duplicate copies of his work many times and profit from selling hundreds and thousands of copies of his work.


Demonetization - everything is becoming more accessible and cheaper. Buying an original artist's work once required reaching it through a gallery or auction house, which lifted the price of the original painting upwards to make a living from a huge commission. The difficulty of access and closing the narrow selection of works in the four walls of the gallery created an elitism that influenced the final price. Thanks to the Artplanet platform, you do not have to physically visit hundreds of galleries and travel in search of works of art by artists from all over the world. You also don't have to pay excessive delivery costs, as airmail is becoming cheaper and cheaper.


Democratization - which allows you to increase accessibility. Everyone can view thousands of works in our collections via smartphone, from any place in the world getting to know the works of thousands of artists from distant places. They can interact with them expressing appreciation for their works by liking their work. If the user wants to buy a metal reproduction, he can easily order it and receive a parcel after a few days. Likewise, for artists, the platform allows you to sell to an unlimited number of clients 24 hours a day, worldwide. Everything is done without having to create your own online store or produce posters at home. What is more, everyone can become an artist and exhibit their graphic works on the platform.


The above ideas relating to technology as a whole change our world. That is why we also identify with them in Artplanet, striving in our mission to popularize art to use its digital form (digitalization), free access to browse the works and discover the artists, and inexpensive purchase (demonetization) and equal access for everyone to draw inspiration from art galleries, purchase works and the possibility to publish and sell works (democratization).

Photo by Naveen Annam from Pexels