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How to become an artist and make money with Artplanet?


Have you been creating images and graphics for a long time, but still haven't found the right platform to monetize your talent?


You are not the only one. There are hundreds of thousands of artists around the world who dream of making money from their works. Thanks to the development of the Internet it has become not only possible but also much easier. Many artists decide to create their own online store or promote their works on social networking sites like Facebook or on platforms for craft and art like Etsy. There are many solutions, but this requires, among other things, organizing the promotion and marketing of their works and creating the process of reproducing the works on media such as canvas, paper or plastic, then shipping and customer service. Sounds complicated?


Fortunately, an online service that functions as an art gallery and e-commerce platform in one - Artplanet - can help.  This is the shape of an unusual platform that connects the community of artists and art enthusiasts.


You too can become one of the artists cooperating and earning thanks to Artplanet, which will provide you with constant conditions and fixed commission on the sale of your works, which will not change regardless of promotions or discount coupons. The Artplanet team always works and resolves problems for the benefit of artists. Remember also that by referring to Artplanet works, the copyrights to your works remain in your hands, you also receive complete artistic freedom. Artplanet does not impose the frequency or subject matter of the works you wish to share with the world.


As an online art gallery, Artplanet becomes an intermediary between you and potential admirers of your art, so you can earn money on your works and worry about problems such as: customer service, order processing and dispatch, or marketing and programming.


So how to join the Artplanet Artist Collective? Nothing is easier, just register on the site using your e-mail address or social logins and accept the terms and conditions of the cooperation agreement, and then complete your new profile by adding a profile photo, background graphics, and a short description about yourself.  


Thanks to the clear control panel you will be able to easily share your art by uploading your works in the right resolution and tagging them accordingly, which will make it easier for customers to reach your works. Each work will be able to receive likes (with “heart” button),

just like the artists will gather their own group of fans. You can also easily track your sales and commissions within your account.


What next? The rest will take care of Artplanet for you. We work on AI algorithm operating within the platform, suggesting works, will help to make it easier to search for works based on customers preferences and not on the recommendations of the website editors. As a result, each customer will see different proposals of products, adjusted to their declared taste, likes in the service and previous visits. Thanks to this, Artplanet takes care to equalize the chances of all the artists and enable each artist to be represented on the same, equal terms. Also, the profiles of artists and their new collections appearing on the homepage of the website, on the blog and in newsletters will be chosen in such a way as not to favor any of the individual artists and give the same opportunity to promote beginner artists as those with a long history of cooperation with Artplanet. In this way, a community is created in which everyone has a chance to be discovered, build a group of fans who will observe the development of their collections, receive fair and transparent conditions for cooperation and... earn money on their works.

Photo by Dark Indigo from Pexels