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The best gift proposals on Artplanet

Once in a while, we all face the following dilemma: how to get a gift for a friend or family member. Men usually decide to make a practical purchase, women look for something not only practical but also appealing to the emotions and aesthetics. Everyone is looking for something original that will distinguish our gift from "everyday" gifts such as cosmetics, books, ties or socks.


Running the Artplanet service we have learned a lot about the art of giving, observing our customers. In a wide portfolio of artwork printed in the form of a metal poster, everyone will find something for themselves and, just as easily, something for a friend, colleague, friend or beloved.


Artplanet metal posters are primarily an original gift. Each of us as a child or teenager hung an ordinary paper poster on the wall. Where are they now? They did not stand the test of time, because the paper is not the most durable medium for a poster. We prove it on Artplanet by printing our works on an unusual medium - steel. They are impressed by this idea and appreciate the appearance, durability and print quality of these unusual rectangles.


Art requires taste, we love looking at it, communicating with it and having it. Hanging in the house, the painting gives the space a unique character, enriches it and makes the place begin to express us. In the collections from the Art and Graphics category, we present a huge selection of digital painting works or graphics, sketches, drawings and paintings painted with paints on canvas or cardboard. Abstract works, colorful landscapes, themes related to nature, graphically eloquent and interesting in form, will interest the eye and delight hanging as a metal poster on the wall.


If this is not enough, or if it is difficult to make a choice from the vast array of artistic works, the general category of interest collects for everyone: Interests. Poster themes include animals, military, cars, foreign cultures, places and sports. Thanks to this, it is easier to find a person's taste! Zuza is passionate about spirituality and yoga, Janek loves sports cars, business inspirations and motivating quotations. It will not be difficult to find many artwork proposals for this couple. Nothing is as happy as showing his passion in a poster collection, believe us.


The last category is easy: Popculture. Nothing is easier! We all have our favorite movies and series, books, music bands or games. We are fans of music performers, actors or iconic figures from popular culture. At Artplanet we love to delight geeks who are passionate about these subjects. That is why Artplanet has an extensive collection of original artwork using themes such as TV series, comics, including manga/anime. The prints in the form of a metal poster allow you to cast your passion in steel and show that you are a true, dedicated fan. Knowing a little bit of a person, you are able to choose from our works and hit his favorite cultural motifs.


The board of last resort, if your birthday boy is a particularly eccentric type or if you want to give something more personal, related to your acquaintance or just funny is... your own poster! How is this possible? Artplanet will soon allow you to upload your own graphics or photos and add simple filters, power packs or subtitles. The best photo from your last vacation, a historical high school photo or your own graphic design with a friend - these are good ideas for printing. You can also find niche graphics that this person will appreciate very much and put them in the poster designer. In a few minutes, you will create an extraordinary timeless gift from a commemorative photo or found graphic, which will capture the essence of your relationship and show your friend's affection and amusement.


Inspired? Use this and enter the Artplanet gallery now! Remember that your favorite works will go to the wishlist, from which you will be able to choose the final posters for your collection. Successful hunting!

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels