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We believe, art was always meant to be a gift from one human to all humanity. The gift that has the power of influencing people’s hearts and minds.
The old world of limitation
The art industry is ruled by a few, so getting to the top meant you have to be picked by the right promoters. In fact, in the interest of top art galleries and art brokers is to promote a small set of names, whose artworks can be sold for premium prices.

The existing system benefited a lot from art exclusivity.
Original painting
$81.3 million
Artplanet Metal Poster
After all there are only so many paintings of Van Gogh, and there won’t be more created anytime soon. Exclusivity means value for the collector and a big paycheck for the seller. But aren’t we all deserve to look at Van Gogh’s paintings over the morning coffee?
The new world of possibilities
The idea behind the Artplanet is to democratize the world of art with the use of technology. Digitization breaks the physical limits for storing, copying, watching and sharing art.
We build an open access online gallery, where everybody can experience art with a computer or smartphone, with no limits. For free.
Our platform is built to be home for thousands of artists in one place.
Artists can showcase an unlimited number of their artworks in front of a limitless audience.
Everybody can buy a print made on metal sheet and got it delivered to their doorstep.
Artplanet’s e-commerce platform lets everyone to start their art collection on a budget. New printing technologies let us manufacture high-quality replicas on scale. Each sale supports independent artist, who receives a fair commission.
We plan to expand our technology to improve the experience and provide equality with things like:
Social features
Which empower users to pick the artists who will be on main page and at the top of category / collections pages (social rating)
AI recommender system
We take behavioral data and use our neural networks algorithms to give users personalized set of recommendations.