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Human beings at their hearts seek connection, to other people, places or creatures. Connecting people brings value to the world, which is also true in the business. We build an online platform so that everyone could connect to the world of art.

Artplanet’s social features (likes, follows, shares) were created so people could communicate with artists and hear their voice. Connecting art lovers and artists together is a part of our effort to champion creativity in the world.
Artplanet is an online art marketplace, that helps to connect art creators and art lovers from all around the world.
Creativity is a powerful force, that shapes our world. It was a spark for countless inventors, innovators and business visionaries. Artplanet was envisioned as a home for the community of creative people, who love to communicate with the world through visual art.

Our platform and our company are spaces for creative types. As a business team we challenge ourselves to always look for original ways to improve or innovate. We want to use our creativity in the search for the best solutions. All to for the benefit of our customers, our community of artists and co-workers.
It takes two to tango. Creativity needs one more thing to give birth to its miracles. Every important goal requires a commitment to be achieved.

Artists need to devote to their calling and invest their time for a great art to be born. Building our platform was first just a creative process, an idea, that without a commitment, wouldn’t be turned into reality.

Now our mission is to democratize art in order to make art more attainable for everyone.
Art needs courage to be made. Artists need to be confident in their skill and talent to showcase his work to people. Every time something new is created somebody is taking risks. ack of confidence is a dead end for all the creative ideas as well as great art.

We encourage our team to go past fear and let good ideas thrive. Artplanet enters the market to create exceptional experiences for our customers and offer fair terms for artists.
We are confident we can deliver to our promise.
Creative talent is like a tree, it grows deeper and reaches higher with every year of ones committed efforts A plant needs a proper care to grow strong.

As part of Artplanet’s identity is to care for the growth of others and our environment. We care about our production waste and use of consciously sourced materials.

On top of that we plant one tree at reforestation projects for each product sold. his way, we can change the world together: customers, artists and us, one tree at a time.
Art embraces change. Since the beginning of art, artists were those who oversight what was next - always at the avantgarde of things. We are not fearful to go into unknown territories: to explore and set up camps. To experiment and to fail.

To build the new we have to let go what is old. We need to accept the need for transformation, open ourselves up for new possibilities while leaving the fear behind the closed door.

Artplanet is committed to continuous improvement and growth. We use our passion for creativity to contest the status quo. We do it to create and improve things.

We do it to challenge ourselves and others to be better. To lead our communities through change, so we can all reach our full potential.